Ever since I was young I've had a love for science, forensic files and x files are my favorite TV shows of all time. Watching science documentaries, history documentaries, and researching further into those topics are how I love to spend my free time.  I love finding connected lines in history that have to lead us to how we act now as humans.

While in college I've taken multiple science classes; Epidemiology, Micro science,  Anthropology, and Human Genetics. They have all inspired many of my projects topics. Seeing how I do a lot of history and science-related issues. I love organizations like the Bill and Melinda Gate Foundation, my favorite YouTube channel is Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell.  In the summer of 2018, I got to go to my schools Netherlands Trip. Where we stayed in Daan Hage and traveled to Amsterdam. We went to many local art museums (I even visited the Microbe Museum, which was the best day of my life) and met local designers in the area. It was a very inspiring trip to see how designers worked outside of the US. I will never forget that trip. It has inspired me to think more outside of the box with my design.


Graphic Designer and Animator in the Seattle, Washington Area