Illustrator |Screen Print | Watercolor

One of the draws of screen-printed posters are their handmade quality and personal aesthetic. Today we see a rise in the popularity of limited edition, short run posters. You will design a two color

screen-printed poster for a breed of dog. Each student will choose their breed randomly.



Design Exploration: Does your poster visually represent your dog breed? In what way? - 2 week

Randomly picking a dog, I got the Afghan hound. 

To me, the Afghan hound is a royal breed from the history it has, and the beauty it is.

As someone who is new to screen printing, I wanted it to be simple and with one color. Luckily with the Afghan Hound, I was able to make prints and then watercolor on the paper to give it a Vogue glam look to promote the dog breed. 


Winner of Dog Poster Show