Unit 731 

Direction, Production, Research

& Illustration


EcoSystems + Balance 

Independent Project

-5 week project​




  • Project Title


  • Design Challenge


  • Outline of your project concept + scope your intended target audience and supporting data


  • An inspiration board (sketches, images, color palettes, inspiration examples that are appropriate)


  • Appropriate research findings should be detailed to support your idea and your design strategy

For the topic EcoSystems + Balance, I wanted to talk about biochemical warfare. It is a topic I did not learn about while in high school, and I was curious to see why not. While researching the issue, I discovered Unit 731 and was shocked that I never heard about it in history class. It played a huge role in history, it happened during WW2, and America made an agreement with Japan to share information about biochemical warfare, and it affects people. Both civilian communities and prisoners of war. This topic not only created an unbalance in our ecosystem and the cities in China but also it's human communities. Moreover, despite laws being against using biochemical warfare, it is still used to this day, which is why I believe it is an important topic to have been taught.

Infographic Process


While creating the layout for the overall infographic I knew I wanted to recreate one of the doctors since the main guy behind Unit 731, Shirō Ishii, in his infamous uniform while on the station. I have further images on Unit 731 in my Unit 731 Pitch Slides up above. The overall layout I wanted it to have a falling down bounce effect to replicate how bombs are dropped. And the text of further information on the bottom is there because I created this to live in an exhibition space looming over everyone who walks by.


I also only gave three examples of the biochemical warfare weapons they used against people while in Unit 731, but they used far more. And extended their "research" beyond biochemical warfare and also into the realm of chemical warfare. it is a serious unheard of topic.


The poster is 70' x 30' 


Won best in Design in Cornish 2/3 show