Miro Matters

BFA project

Direction, Production, Research, Website,  Motion Graphics, & Illustration

Micro Matters is an educational interactive exhibit that teaches those 16-45 years old the importance of knowing the difference between bacteria and viruses and how not knowing the difference is contributing to our antibiotic-resistant world.

The CDC announced that antibiotic-resistance is huge concerning problem we have to fix, standing next to climate change and vaccination. 

Check the website that supports my BFA wall to understand the topic



So what are microbes?

Some are good for me?

So what do I not understand?


Flip Books

 Illustrator & After Effects

When I first brainstormed for this project I wanted to create a 2-minute long animation that would tell a story about our antibiotic-resistant world but quickly realized that I didn't expect people to watch it all the way through. OR if they came in the middle of it, would they sit around to watch it again? 

So the headlines would be played on the TV monitor to grab peoples attention and bring them to my exhibition.


And the flip books would be the supporting animation story pieces. Each one explains something else. The blue book, virus-themed explains how viruses have to have a host cell to reproduce. The host cell can be a mammal cell or bacteria.

The Red one is bacteria theme showing how they reproduce and won't stop until they run out of space.

The yellow one is how antibiotics work and how they diminish bacteria, avoid viruses, and also how they cannot affect all bacteria around them, and how that allows antibiotic resistance with bacteria. 





Petri Dish Slime 


Slime & Beads 

I created a petri dish slime experiment that talks about the microbes that live on our hands and how it is good to be dirty, but also understand you should clean. And understand why you should be cleaning with regular soap or just hot water and not use antibacterial soaps anymore.

Antibacterial soaps are increasing our antibiotic-resistant bacteria. All soaps are antimicrobial, so added antibacterial soaps into our already antimicrobial soap creates an unbalance the microbial ecosystem.