Illustrator | Screen Print 

Theater posters are quite different from any other kind of poster, including movie posters. The design more often than not focuses on the motif, theme or tone of the play rather than the actors. Because of this, theater poster designs vary greatly and you’ll see the influence of minimalism, romanticism, expressionism and other artistic movements. You will design a two-color (or more) screen-printed poster for random play. You will need to research and read your play to get a better understanding of the theme.



Does your poster visually represent your play? In what way?

-1.5 weeks

The Play, Endgame,  written by Samuel Beckett which is an old play that was first performed in 1957 in France. It is a play about the end of the world and how the main character Ham is alone beside having a caretaker, Clov, deal with being alone together and constantly having to take care of one another since they both seem to have health problems, one is that Ham is blind and seems to not be able to walk. Clearly, this play is a representation of the act of war since it was performed in 1957. Seeing how the play is very old, I did some extra research to find a more modern take on it. Robert Wilson created an entirely new look for the play. It was black, red, blue, white, and very sleek and used a lot of lights to help with dramatizing the play. So I wanted to create my poster based on the new version of Endgame, having it be very sleek and give it a lot of white space to emphasize the unknown about it.