Illustrator | After Effects


To use effects to generate aesthetics that can't easily be created through the use of analog tools, photoshop, and illustrator with expressions to help facilitate creative uses of those expressions. Also to apply these assets to the creation of a title card that communicates tone and theme of the story connected to the title card.

For this project I wanted to experiment with effects and expressions on after effects. I've messed with effects before, but never expressions and it was time to learn how to code! I found it to be not that hard, since you could google everything, and I found it to be very helpful for my animation life now.

If I could change anything about the final of this video it be; have sound, smoother animation, and maybe a bit spookier.

It was a great experiment and I really enjoy the messy texture style being animated. I will continue to use the skills I've gained from this and use the style again!